DRIVE(N) logo.jpg


TEAM RUN: 12 months
ATHLETES: Freddy, Brendan, Peter M-B, Mike "Cav", Mike "Coop", Gina M.
# of CONTESTS: 5

The Drive(n) was one of those teams that redefines the very fabric of The Next Level.  Constant innovators, these athletes contributed an astounding array of practical knowledge.

They were also one of the teams to "break the gender rule" of Next Level and include a woman on an otherwise men's team. (It's not really a true rule, anyway, so we liked that it happened.)  

Meanwhile, these athletes developed athletic ands strength-building routines still employed among Next Level athletes.  The Drive(n) also coached beginners and developed coaching curriculum into their team run.

They also gave head coach Christian Matyi a sword.  (It was a mind-blowing gift!)

Now, if only they could settle up on just ONE name . . . !