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update for blog

So I nearly bought the farm today at the gym. It was that workout that I knew was coming when I started dieting, the one that just totally kills you. It was hams and grip day, starting with deadlifts, which I was set to do 450 for 3. I am around 194 now and I had only eaten about 600 calories during the day before hitting the gym around 2pm. So needless to say, I was fucking tired and very sore from my leg workout the day before. (also I already did a cardio circuit earlier today)

I knew there was no way I was gonna be able to use my regular deadlift form. So I knew I had to switch to sumo, which I never use. Somehow this form allowed me to pull 450 for 3, it was a struggle but I was able to blast through all 3 reps with minimum hitching.

The payoff to all this is that I am lifting almost as heavy as I was almost 40lb heavier! This is a huge deal because last time I was dieting my strength literally hit bottom, I could barely bench 225 for 1. The two main changes I have made in my workout/diet prep are; 1) I have been doing more circuit cardio, doing cardio in the a.m. long before working out that day, and doing less periods of cardio longer than 30 mins. 2) I have given myself a day in the middle of the week, generally Wednesday where I do a mini carb load. This consists of increasing my calories from around 1700 to 2200-2400. From doing this I have felt a lot more energized throughout the week, and feel far less week than last year.

This prep seems to be going very well. I am losing weight at a steady and consistent pace, my strength is still solid, and my mood is better because my dieting is a little more flexible. Also from what I can see my muscles look much fuller, my pumps are way better, and overall I seem to have put on a noticeable amount of muscle in the off season.

What excites me is not necessarily just the prep for the upcoming contests is going well, but the idea that if I can maintain my strength that after the contest once I begin bulking again, my strength is going to explode! (well at least that is the plan). If this training/diet plan continues to be as successful as it has been, I am very excited about competition and looking forward to trying to win the overall in my weight division.

Posted by: Stephen Cyr