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In The Next Level, an "Advancement Team" is a team built of experienced athletes designed to "advance" the program.  The spring 2013 Advancement Team is comprised of eight men: Tom Keon, Phil Cohen, Stephen Cyr, Seth Carbonneau, Stephen Forgione. Phil Biondo, Yarza Winn and Chris Noonan.  

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End of the Bulk

So my bulking diet is going to be ending right at the end of this month, so I am kicking it into overdrive to drive to put on as much weight as possible before the end.

The "main" reason I'm doing this is "Maine" (pun intended).  The Maine StrongMan contest that I am doing is at the end month and I am going to be hitting my heaviest weights over the course of this month, hopefully causing the most trauma, and therefore hopefully building the most muscle. In order to take advantage of this last leg of my bulking period I am going to start taking supplements again.

During this bulk I have not used creatine, test booster, etc. I have taken protein and caffeine and that is it. My gains have been very solid and I am right around where I was at the end of last years bulk with the aid of supplements. I am going to be documenting my progress for this last month closely to see how my body reacts to the reintroduction of supplements. I am hoping to gain around 10lbs, most of which will be fat and water, but hopefully this fatty/hydrated world inside my body will aid in muscle growth. This wasn't my overall plan from the beginning, and the main reason for not taking supplements was just simply because I was sick of spending so much money on supplements. However, I am very curious to see what my body which has been using food to grow and build, will do when I throw supplements in there.

As a side note during this month I am hoping to hit some PR lifts before strongman: bench 330lbs, front squat 350, and deadlift 500 (with no straps).

So this is my plan and I'm sticking to it. Like to hear some thoughts from fellow teammates on this.

Posted by: Stephen Cyr