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How to Tan for Bodybuilding

This is a step by step instruction that I wrote out for a friend in Florida who is doing a bodybuilding show by himself and has no one with him the day of the contest. Either way, this tells you how to tan prior to the contest, and at the contest if need be.

Posted by: Stephen Cyr

My Tan Plan (how to tan for a bodybuilding contest)

Step 1: Get the products

Pro Tan
Muscle Juice
Jan Tana Ultra One (just get the cheap one)

You don’t need to actually buy the products from these very sites; these links are merely meant to show you what I used.

Step 2: How Much to Buy

2-4 Pro-tan

1 Muscle Juice

1 Jan Tana-One (if you don’t wanna spend the money you can do without this)

Step 3: When to put what on

So like 2 -3 days out start put on your first coat of pro-tan. Do it outside! Or lay down a tarp. Wear socks over your toe nails, and wear rubber gloves. This will stain your nails. You are gonna put this on starting as early ads 3 days out from the show, with the last coat potentially being the morning of the show.

The day of the show you should put on the Jantana-one. This will go on the day of the contest, in the morning, prior to the show, same rules for this with socks and gloves and tarp.

The muscle juice goes on like 20-30 mins before you go on stage. Lube yourself up.

Step 4: How to put this stuff on:

The pro-tan is kinda confusing. Read the instructions. If the top part doesn’t work just rip it off and spray it like it was hair spray. I would put on like 3-5 coats of this if you want to avoid using the jantana-one.

Don’t spray your face til your last coat, your face skin sucks this shit up. So you wanna get someone, mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, to spray your whole body with this for each coat. Don’t worry about the runs in the tanner, it will drip everywhere and they give you a little brush to fix the streaks. Don’t worry about that. Make sure the person (victim) who is tanning you wears gloves, otherwise they will hate you for their oompa loompa orange hands.

This should literally take 10 mins. You have that person fully spray you, then get in full sweats and chill. That is it!!! Seriously. If you do this 4-5 times you will be nice and dark and evenly colored. And it will be good enough for your first show.

As for the muscle juice, just rub that shit on like oil, like Arnoldzzzzz didzzz.

As for jantana-one if you wanna do this, it is like a foam that you rub all over yourself. Honestly, if your gonna be a lone just avoid this. However, if you have someone there, they are going to rub this all over you, face included. Then again, get into your sweats and chill.


• If you have questions ask people there.

• The reason the dream tan won’t work is because you need to put it on right at the contest. And then you cannot put any clothes on. If you can have someone do it for you that is fine, but if you are alone at the contest it would be kinda impossible from my understanding.