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In The Next Level, an "Advancement Team" is a team built of experienced athletes designed to "advance" the program.  The spring 2013 Advancement Team is comprised of eight men: Tom Keon, Phil Cohen, Stephen Cyr, Seth Carbonneau, Stephen Forgione. Phil Biondo, Yarza Winn and Chris Noonan.  

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Progress post: can't chain Phil "The Ritual" Biondo

posted by Coach XN

This is what getting ready for a bodybuilding contest looks like.  Looks a lot like getting ready for a StrongMan contest, doesn't it?  Well, that's because THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME for Phil.  Power builds shape.  Shape assists power.  Pays to hop the fence sometimes.

That's a 405 dead pull + over 120lbs. in chains (which make the pull harder as you go), which add up to . . . well, they add up to a shitload of weight.