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YouTube's SciShow (Science Show) endorses Nitric Oxide - 3:56

This discussion lifted from an online discussion in the Team's private group:
- posted by Phil Cohen

A trusted source reports a study that shows Nitric Oxide is good for longer life and sexual activity, but is it good for bodybuilding? Skip to 3:56 and tell me what you think.

PS Hank Green is nerdy and awesome and I watch every video he makes. 

Stephen Cyr
awesome post...put it on the blog!

Stephen Forgione
Kyle posted something about NO recently you should take a peak at, NO or L-Arginine Alpha ketogluarate is great for blood blow, as well as L-citrulline malate

Yarza Wynn
Hmm I'm confused Phil. What theories do you have that NO would be detrimental to body building? I didn't hear anything in the video alluding to that point 

Stephen Cyr
Well for me a huge part of bodybuilding is longevity, so living longer in itself is helpful. Whether or not this helps build muscle or strength is another question, but one I don't have enough knowledge on to answer intelligently.

Stephen Forgione
Stephen Cyr s correct, NO is a vasodilator and will bring more blood to the muscles and that's os obviously good for strength training

Stephen Forgione
Curious to hear Seth's thought

Christian Matyi
Nitric Oxide ("NO") is in TONS of supplements. It is one of the more common pop supplements out there because it does, indeed, cause the sensation of pump. The body can synthesize it in the presence of the amino acid arginine.

There is a lot of debate on the usefulness of NO's. On the one hand it does help with insulin release, and also can cause the "pumped" sensation. However, these are temporary effects, and can even be stymied if other factors are absent (diet competence, proper rest, training intensity, etc.). As such, many say it is pure hep; something dudes take for the thrill of the sensation.

HOWEVER, that thrill is a boon unto itself. It is a psychological motivator for sure, so even if the literal, biological gains are mere, the boon of effort brought on by NO can be motivating and generate greater lifts via will.

So I am personally in the "for" column, but not super gung ho.

Phil 'Bakuri' Cohen
Yarza Wynn, I know of no theories that say it is Bad for bodybuilding. I do know that it is in a lot of supplements, this is why I posed the question.