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This blog provides the insight, in-jokes and inspiration of a team in action.  Each post is by a team member as their journey continues.  

In The Next Level, an "Advancement Team" is a team built of experienced athletes designed to "advance" the program.  The spring 2013 Advancement Team is comprised of eight men: Tom Keon, Phil Cohen, Stephen Cyr, Seth Carbonneau, Stephen Forgione. Phil Biondo, Yarza Winn and Chris Noonan.  

Each post represents only the views of it's poster, and is not intended as a reflection of the opinions, views or beliefs of any other teammate, the team as a whole or The Next Level.  

Follow these men as they make their marks on a small corner of history.



Recently, Stephen Cyr made a mistake in his post seeking to be the "first Next Level athlete to do both bodybuilding and StrongMan contests in consecutive order and post in both."  His mistake was that this has already been done before.  

This was done by the incomparable little powerhouse (and Next Level asset) Regina O'Brien during her time on The Shadow.  Within a mere matter of WEEKS she placed in both an NAS StrongMan contest and an OCB bodybuilding event.  She was, indeed, the first Next Level athlete to hold this distinction.

Meanwhile, the first athlete to hold the distinction of competing and placing in THREE seperate physique sports within one season (USAPL Powerlifting, NAS StrongMan and BLNPA Bodybuilding in 2009) was the amazing (and also Next Level essential) Gina Melnik (The Drive(n), Triskele).

Yes, both who accomplished these incredible feats were women.  

Meanwhile, Stephen should not be too harshly judged, as his mistake occurred via an oversight from head coach XN (Christian Matyi).  

Stephen Cyr (The Beast, Advancement '13), Phil Biondo (The Beast, Advancement '13) and Nick Cambi (Wolfpack) are vying for the distinction of being the first to accomplish this feat on the male side of the game for Next Level athletes as of the date of this post.