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This blog provides the insight, in-jokes and inspiration of a team in action.  Each post is by a team member as their journey continues.  

In The Next Level, an "Advancement Team" is a team built of experienced athletes designed to "advance" the program.  The spring 2013 Advancement Team is comprised of eight men: Tom Keon, Phil Cohen, Stephen Cyr, Seth Carbonneau, Stephen Forgione. Phil Biondo, Yarza Winn and Chris Noonan.  

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I have before me the unique opportunity to become THE FIRST Next Level Athlete to place in both bodybuilding and strongman events in a single year – all while maintaining my lifetime drug-free status.  While there have other been drug free athletes in The Next Level to place in both sports before this, none have yet done so back to back.  If all goes right, I will make a small piece of Next Level history.  

I'll be doing the Maine Strongman event at the end of March, and then the OCB Yankee Classic Bodybuilding Contest in mid July.  Specifically I am aiming on placing top three in my class at the StrongMan, and then winning my novice class at the Yankee Classic.

That leaves only have 3 months between the two sports to go from beast to ripped.  By no means do I expect this  to be easy – mostly because of the change in mindset required of me to switch from power and size to muscle and cuts.  For me this requires a change in from where I draw inspiration.  Such a change is sometimes not easy to cultivate.

However, I accept the challenge.  I know if I put in the time and open myself to the input of others, I can achieve this amazing goal.

Meanwhile, I also hope that my fellow teammate, Phil Biando will achieve this amazing feet with me – especially so we can finally have that pose down against one another for the overall novice title!  We were frustratingly teased by almost having that opportunity  last year.

I hope and expect the rest of you to try and keep up with us trailblazers!


posted by: Stephen Cyr