Chris does a "practice run" for his first strongman competition

Chris is one week away from his first ever strongman contest, the Hudson Valley Strongman.  Under the close eye of Team Guide Stephen, Chris did a run through of events (even though he had to approximate a couple of them) to see where he is standing.  His prep did not go as he had hoped (school priorities were intense for him this semester), but he is nonetheless looking solid!

Sandbag carry for about 53 seconds, in preparation of Hudson Valley strongman competition. Sandbag - 280lbs.
Chris' Yoke. Yoke - 500lbs. Run through in preparation of the Hudson Valley Strongman. Roughly 100ft.
Chris going for a max weight on frame deadlifts to prepare for the car deadlift at Hudson Valley strongman competition. Frame - 545lbs.
Chris running through the press medley in preparation of the Hudson Valley Strongman. Log - 200lbs. Axle - 200lbs. Dumbbell - 100lbs.

Thanks as always to Total Performance Sports for continuing to support beginner athletes like Chris, teams like Atlas, and all of the strength community with a truly unrivaled facility and pool of knowledge!