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The Big Inside is back!

Click here to listen to the show

Click here to listen to the show

This show has had more incarnations than spandex.  It's The Big Inside, which has gone from a local radio drive-time show to a "fitness radio" comedy hour, and now independently as it's own podcast in the PhysiQulture Collaborative network.  

The launch of the new show brings a new format.  The Loose News, Belly Up and The Big Deal will now live in separate episodes, reducing the listening time and keeping things streamlined.  

The first episode features show's long-time returning guest Dr. Gina Melnik, and we talk about women in StrongMan and how the community that has evolved may be a unique and wonderful place for all women.  The discussion is driven by Gina's co-coordinating an all-women's StrongMan event, the Queen of the Summer Solstice StrongWoman, co-promoted by Ladies Lift Here and New England Women Of Strength at CrossFit Tuff in Nashua New Hampshire on June 20th.  

The Big Inside is also available in the iTunes Store.