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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


This is how we all hoped bodybuilding would actually be like.

We have no idea what is going on in this video, but when we Snooped it we realized it is basically awesome.

Big trouble in the gym !!

If this video won't load properly click the link to see it in it's original form on Facebook.

Posted by BOXHAUS on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some satires of muscleheads are content to merely mock us from afar.  Other satires are a conglomerate of in-jokes.  But every once in a while someone achieves both comedy heights at once – and does it stone-cold, straight-up, deadpan serious.  

If you ever felt awesome while working out with weights, this video will be the nicest wink and nod you have gotten in a long time.

TAG! WE'RE IT! "Headline Of My Day" global comedy experiment

We got tagged in the latest round of internet meme-game:: the "Headline Of My Day" global comedy experiment.  So, we put XN put to the task of making ours "Snoopworthy."  And who is better to turn to for a good Snoop that can inspire a headline than our old buddy Matt Leblanc.  He was once again up to ridiculousness in his gym today.  (No shocker there.)

Considering all the project seems to be doing is trying to get people goofing and laughing, we at The Next Level can definitely get behind it.  The world needs more laughs.  

And if that isn't enough to convince you to play along, try this on for size
"Science" shows that laughter aids in healing.  
And healing aids in strength recovery.  
And strength recovery means bigger lifts and bigger gains, bro.  
So spreading the laughs is a good idea among lifters and athletes.

In case you're not familiar with the rules of the "Headline Of My Day" game:

  • Post a video of you reporting a (goofy) "headline" of your last 24 hours. (Either the biggest moment, or a snarky summary of the past day so far.)
  • Tag three friends in your post and challenge the to report their headlines of the day.
  • Those three friends have 24 hours to post and tag three more friends.
  • Include the hashtag #imadethenews

Gina gets your (gym) mojo back.

It happens to all of us. But you often we keep it a secret. We don't like to tell people: "I've lost my mojo. I just can't get me fire up anymore." So we continue going to the gym and feel less and less motivated.

Is it the end of the line? Not according to Gina Melnik. The passion can be brought back to your listing, it just takes a little bit of intelligence rather than demand.  If there's anyone around here who always delivers an incredible amount of intelligence, it's Gina.  

Recently, she was published at on the phenomenal women's strength and lifting website, with an article discussing ways to bring your mojo back. Head over there and get your fire back!

Matt LeBlanc: a/k/a "The Payoff"

He calls himself "The L-Train," But here at the Snoop we like to call Matt LeBlanc "The Payoff."  He captures the awesomeness of lifting with a satirical slant that always makes you simultaneously laugh while saying "How the fuck did he do that?"

Matt's latest amazing-lift clip, which we simply call "Freak Mode," does not fail to meet his previous standards.

By the way, that is a 227 lb. dumbbell, and he is a 175lb. man.  Yes, we can all go kill our lazy-ass selves now.  At least - thanks once again to the L-Train – we will die laughing.

Seriously, some of the best work of Schwarzenegger's whole career.

Via this video of Arnold going "undercover" (sort of) at the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice, CA, the Snoop team has realized what the world of muscle culture has been lacking for a while:


(In fact, please post your favorite line in the comments below!)

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Come for the lifting. Stay for the babies.


Okay, this one you'll love for the pictures and video alone.  Even if the topic doesn't grab you, man, the visuals sure will!!

We at the Snoop are KICKING ourselves for missing this one when it was first published on the excellent site,  Fortunately, it's a topic that is as old as man itself: baby-making and hard work, so even a late posting on The Snoop is still relevant.  We mean literally baby-making – it's a rare look into how pregnancy and heavy lifting are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

You heard right: PREGNANCY AND HEAVY LIFTING.  Gone are the days when women would faint away in Victorian style in some bedroom while "with child."  Now strength work is actually potentially a boon for expectant mothers.  Hey, our cavewoman ancestors had to work damn hard, and those babies went on to produce us, so we think there may be something in all this.

The article was written by our beloved Resource Gina Melnik (The Drive(n), PQA Resource, Ignite Fitness Coach) – the powerhouse national-level StrongMan competitor and founder of the incredible N.E.W.S., New England Women of Strength organization.  And that is her in the pictures and videos, while she was still pregnant with her daughter.

We told ya the pics were worth it!!!

Massy Liftmas Tree

Go get huge for the baby Jesus!!!

The feeds of the Collaborative blow up on the holidays with posts about who went to the gym, who made it to the gym, and people working out at the gym.  There are also a lot of posts about people going to the gym, and then there's the posts about getting to the gym.  Oh, and don't forget the posts about people working out.

Any pattern evident?  Nah.

But amidst the glut of self-congratulations (for what really is something everyone really already figured was going on anyway among lifters), there emerges one gym post above them all, like a gleaming angel of satire and joy amidst the repetitive gym-holiday malaise.

Matt LeBlanc brought some yule cheer to his Christmas Day workout by decorating the gym.  It gave us all a laugh while breaking up the monotony.  Ho, ho, ho, indeed!

A Massy Liftmas to all, and to all a good lift!

And who wouldn't want to ride the L-Train, right??

We at the Snoop always love when professional StrongMan (and hilarious sunuvabitch) Matt LeBlanc gets his hands on a camera in the gym and a video pops up in a few Next level feeds.  (You may remember him from another hilarious sledge-hammer vengeance video we posted a while back.)  Well, he's at it again.  And arguably the last 10 or so seconds of the video are the most fun – and inspiring.

Notorious for performing ridiculous (and often unexpected) feats of strength, Matt is also incredibly resourceful and imaginative with how he trains, and with what.  LeBlanc can barely spell "apparatus" (by his own admission), but this guy is brilliant when it comes to creating challenging apparatus for his workouts. 

As of this post, Matt is coming back from an injury that was the result, in essence, of his fiery, never-say-can't attitude.  (His body disagreed with him about the can't part a few weeks back.)  But he is impossible to keep down, and regardless of his numbers (which are impressive even without an injury), his energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  

We dare you not to chuckle a little at the end of this video – after you're done being rather impressed, of course.

Cav switches up squat form.

Recently Cav (Mike Cavaliere, The Drive(n), Summer '09)  dropped a post on his Facebook page about switching up his squat form.  Always good to see bodybuilders focused on the training as much as the result.  
In Cav's own words:

I have recently switched to more of a higher-placement of the bar on my squat in order to focus more on quad strength and control.

My squat has always lagged compared to other lifts, so I recently switched to squatting 3 times a week in order to get my form down, as well as change things up a bit.

Normally, my reps and volume remain low but I decided to do sets of 7 to see how my muscular endurance is.

While there is more form work that needs to be done via mobility work, I am satisfied with how this set went. I felt that I had good control and overall the form wasn’t terrible.

I will definitely carry on with these ideas while I continue to loosen up my muscular range in order to get lower down in the squat while staying tight to the form.

Mike wanted to make sure we quoted him in his entirety, too, and thus we add here his final insight: 

Also: dat ass.

Cav is not only a former Next Level team athlete and a competitive bodybuilder and lifter.  He is also a Sports Physical Therapist and has worked in gym management and training since he was still a student.  Intelligent and friendly, Mike welcomes any and all input, questions, inquiries and comments on this or any topic.   Email him at:  (Flatter his butt and he'll treat your email with more urgency.)