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XN, the "Mouth Of The Collaborative," performs LIVE Saturday at the Maine Fitness Expo


This Saturday, April 6 head coach Christian "XN" Matyi will be using one of his other talents: performing at the 2013 Maine Fitness Expo, at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center in Westbrook, Maine, emcee'ing the competition which is at the Expo's hub.  

Here XN plays to his largest audience ever: a half-finished bottle of local spring water.  (Brought the house down.)

Here XN plays to his largest audience ever: a half-finished bottle of local spring water.  (Brought the house down.)

(Clearly the folks in Maine have NO idea what they're in for . . . )

XN will be playing emcee, peppering the proceedings with his usual ad lib style of irreverent comedy.  With the OCB Pine Tree State Bodybuilding and Figure Competition as his backdrop, there'll be lots of material to keep you laughing . . . just think of it as the Oscars, except everyone's naked and Michelle Obama doesn't make a televised appearance.  And it's in Westbrook, Maine.

XN hosts a weekly satirical radio show, The Big Inside, and has been an emcee "gun-for-hire' for much of his athletic career.  He has been a comedian, actor and performer longer than a bodybuilder, so he is more at home on the mic than on the weight bench.

The Westbrook Performing Arts Center in Westbrook, Maine seems so quiet and peaceful on the eve prior to XN's arrival . . .

If you're familiar with any part of The Next Level or the PhysiQademy, you've probably stumbled across XN's voice in some incarnation.  While notorious for his absurdism when he speaks, he actually sets his bar for performance high:

"You know that feeling you get when you watch really crazy acrobatics?  Like that excited, captivated vibe while watching someone do the seemingly impossible; leaping across the roofs of buildings, or running up the side of a wall while solving a Rubik's cube, or quadruple flip out a car window or something?  Yeah, one of my major goals in life is to get people to feel like they're watching acrobatics just by using my speech!"
-Christian "XN" Matyi

The evening event starts at 5:00pm with XN on the mic; the judging for the athletes begins earlier at 1:00pm.

The event's poster.  (Hey, go easy!  It's a fitness event, not a graphic designer's symposium!)