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Watch as two wannabe-bodybuilders debate how many days are in a week.

Where the when are we anyway and should I train deadlifts???

Where the when are we anyway and should I train deadlifts???

Is today chest day or arms day?  Or Friday?  

We often say at the Snoop that the best satire is self-directed and completely unintentional.  Which makes the absurdities of those fascinated with muscle culture the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of preposterous satire.  

Well, you know those guys who are so into living out their dream image of a hardcore, full-bore, unwavering dedication to their bodybuilding regime that they sort of lose touch with reality?  Well, it's Friday, and so these twits are easy satirical pickin's.

Submitted by a buddy of The Snoop (thanks, Roger) who has AMAZING piquant tastes for absurdist internet detritus, and brought to our attention something right up our alley: an online quarrel about how many days are in a week.  And they do it FOR FIVE WHOLE PAGES!

Now, that unto itself is funny enough, but the most sublime aspect of the argument is that it is held between two young bodybuilders so overly-committed to the idea of a workout schedule's maintenance that they lose touch with the simple basics of how time and space work.  They think of the week in terms of their workouts as opposed to, you know the alread-plenty-effficient calendar system we've used for almost 2,000 years.

At first we were like: "Can this really be THAT funny?"  

Oh it can be.  And it is.

Enjoy whatever day of your workout you're on today, bad-asses.