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They're back, fatties!

Coaching in the PhysiQademy and Next Level espouses balance.  Even at the extremes of contest prep, there has to be a rational sense of balance in order to not bail out.  It's called the Theory Of Joy, and while many executions based on this theory have been just as questionable as the extreme misery of popular competitive methods, when the Theory of Joy is applied well, it yields profound results.  

In this spirit, we happily announce a small bit of pleasure that often sits quietly in the armada of people's sense of joy: the humble Twinkie.  Is it baked or just "molded?"  Who knows.  Does it last millennia or can it go bad?  No one cares.  All we know is that last fall (November 2012) it was announced that they were going extinct along with Hostess Brands' other naughty confections.

Well, friends, there's hope!  The Twinkie is BACK!  And this time with a longer shelf life!  The mighty yellow sugar-sponge returns to store shelves (gradually) starting July 15, 2013!

So get ready to break your diets – or supplement your joy – to your hearts content.  No more need to hoard!