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Training legs isn't just smart idea; it could also make your brain smarter!

Are Coach XN's beefy legs one of the reasons his brain is so sharp?

Are Coach XN's beefy legs one of the reasons his brain is so sharp?

Stronger, more powerful muscles may actually keep your mind sharp as you get older!  Contrary to the stereotype that muscled-up folks are dullards, this recent study we Snooped may suggest the opposite: that muscle development may also help prevent your brain from wearing out as you get older!

Seems some researchers at Kings College in London (whose research you can read a little about right here) have recently seen a correlation between muscle power and retained brain capacity into aging.  The particular muscle group that was observed in the study was the largest set in the human body: the legs.  The work may suggest that those with stronger, more powerful legs may hang on to their wits a little better than those without such development.

This was fascinating (if comical) news at The Snoop considering that head coach and founder of The Next Level, Christian Matyi, has some big wheels; hams, quads, calves – the whole set is pretty sizable.  Yet ironically, this is not the feature he is most known for; instead, "Coach XN" is more known for his intensified thoughts than his intense leg days.  Maybe it's all those squats and sled presses that made his brain the labyrinthine that his athletes know it to be!