We're snooping your pages.  We're creeping your posts.  We're sharing your stuff.
We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


The Pool brings your voices to the . . . um . . . well, to the pool.

The PhysiQulture Collaborative has always worked in rather counter-industry ways.  And they're doing it again with their new editorial-and-news roll, The Pool.

The idea is simple: the Collaborative values the disparity of voices, rather than trying to hone them down to one common denominator the way the industry leaders do.  They work horizontally, not laterally; they create a vast plain to cover all areas, rather than a pyramid where folks try to stomp each other down.  The result of such a libertarian operation is a range of disciplines and opinions far broader than most resources out there.

The Pool captures a taste of that gestalt by giving the pulpit to one Collaborative member a week to talk about whatever they want.  While we at The Snoop anticipate the content having occasional repetition, it will be fascinating to see what is on people's minds.  

The Pool is giving lots of independent voices a chance to publish – some for the first or at least a rare time.  It will be worth watching this editorial and info blog as it evolves.  We plan ion dipping in to the pool frequently