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The one protein supplement you should never, ever, ever use.

This Snoop proves the fitness industry is basically an arena of idiots selling bullshit to morons.  

While we don't claim to be a fact checking powerhouse, The Snoop nonetheless does know how to use Google.  And it took us all of two seconds to find vetted scientific research showing that alcohol inhibits the synthesis of protein

Which means when you drink booze and then eat protein, you are actually just shitting out most of that protein.  

Now, when it comes to having a beer and burger, who cares?  You're in it for the enjoyment, and that little bit of protein that does make it in to your muscles is the bonus.

Even their label design is totally crappy and lame.  (Probably to match their product?)

Even their label design is totally crappy and lame.  (Probably to match their product?)

However, if one thing is true of people who want muscles, they will buy anything that is shouted at them or backed with compelling, intense music.  Even if it's bullshit.  (Which it usually is.) And on that note: enter the young Kickstarter company Supplemental Brewing, who has been boasting it's remarkable protein-fortified beer.  Now bros can party and make gains.  Right?


No.  Just . . . . [headslap] no.  

Obviously, Supplemental Brewery clearly does not, themselves, know how to use Google, because if us twits at the Snoop can find data to show this is an idiotic waste of money, certainly guys who have spent tons of time mastering a complicated recipe can do the same.  Right?  Nope.

No idea if this crap even tastes good, but apparently enough backers don't realize that this is horseshit waste of both healthy protein and precious beer to bring the company to one quarter of their fundraising goal (as of this post).  

Looks like the bros may win this round.  But who cares?  They'll just stay drunk and small.  

Which is a horrible state to use Google.

Watch the idiocy unfold . . .