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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


Oh, look. (Yawn.) Another CrossFit opinion piece.

Hard to say just WHAT is being satirized here.  T-Nation published an editorial piece about "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" regarding CrossFit.  Now, at first the satire may be subtle, but come on people – we KNOW you can feel this one out.  Let me reiterate the situation to help jog you:

T-Nation – the website that has "lots of awesome advice" yet whose business model is NOT based on quality reporting but rather just on trying to get people to buy shit via ads and supplement click-offs – is ranting about CrossFit – the brand that is trying to make profit with a "one approach" model of training.  

Seeing the double-whammy satire now . . . ? We have one charlatan throwing doo-doo at another.  The gods of satire shine bright upon us this day, Snoopers!

Aren't we tired yet of this cult that numbs our minds with repetitive ideology?  Oh, I am not here talking about CrossFit.  I am here talking about the cult of people who love to bash-and-defend CrossFit.  it is seriously the new hot thing: who can foist the most derisive anti-argument and who can counter with the most ideological defense.  

CrossFit bash-and-defend is seriously getting SO tired and lame right now.  Not to mention distracting!

Yet here is T-Nation trying to up it's own brand by tearing at another.  All I see is two wanna-be business titans tossing boulders at one another, hoping us peons in the valley worship whomever seems to do the most damage from our angle.  

So don't mind us if we sleep through this one.