We're snooping your pages.  We're creeping your posts.  We're sharing your stuff.
We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


Once again, The Next Level bridges "real world" and bodybuilding!

The Next Level always tries to provide insight – be it in the form of thought exercise or satire.  And we try always to remain relevant to the "real world."  So we LOVE LOVE LOVE when our stuff gets "passed on" into the real world.  No need for bodybuilders and strength folk to horde the good stuff all to themselves!

And we recently snooped that one of the recent blog posts from Head Coach XN's blog, No Straight Answers, was reposted to the blog "Suffering Fools Badly!"  It was quite flattering!  

The re-post was the essay XN wrote on bodybuilder (and erstwhile soft-core gay-centric pin-up boy) Derek Anthony. We at the Snoop kinda feel like it proves how Anthony was more well-known as a small-time sex idol than as the legendary bodybuilder he had wanted to be seen as.  Which is a pity – for he was, indeed, a compelling bodybuilder in the first few years of his competitive efforts.

But, alas, hard-living, too much pride and desire-run-amok will tear down even the most seemingly stalwart people. Which is the spirit in which the re-post seemed to be made: that the Derek Anthony passing has lessons for people who are neither into bodybuilding, nor interested in gay sex.

We believe the lessons learned by Derek Anthony's passing – and scores of others similar before his – provide compelling lessons about life and morality.  We were flattered to see our assumption is at least a little bit true!

Thanks to the author of "Suffering Fools Badly!"