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Strong Talk from Robert Kearny

We all love it when an athlete's work can parlay into cool impaction the greater world.  Sure, it's exciting when someone is remarkable within their sport, but there is something exciting when an athlete can transcend his practice.

This past year the very Snoopable Rob Kearney has been one of those athletes.  Unto himself he is plenty exciting, holding world record lifts and competing globally in StrongMan.  But his revelation to the world that he was in love with a man was what launched Rob's relevance beyond just his sport and into the stratosphere of notoriety.  

Recently, Rob competed at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival Strongman World Championships, and went on the Strong Talk podcast (produced by our equally-Snoopable buddy Kalle Beck from the fast-growing Starting Strongman). But the conversation became fascinating – and hence Snoopworthy.

Have a listen!