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Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but . . .

Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to do the heavy posing.

Our athlete Silas is on fire lately, and when we Snooped this pic from his latest photo shoot, we thought it would b a good opportunity to remind folks who are into competing in bodybuilding –or any physique competition – that the poses you admire have a heritage and a history.  They were evolved from many places, and while mangy of them were within the Arts, certain body practices also plaited role.  Yoga is one of those practices.

Many of the forms of yoga influenced the known mandatory poses of contemporary competitive bodybuilding.  But more important, the skills that are built from yoga practice are literally the precise set of skills a bodybuilder needs in his sport.  

Yes, you heard us claim it here on The Snoop: yoga prepares a body for competition in bodybuilding more than the gym.  But that is ONLY talking about your ABILITIES in the competition, and not your "equipment.'  (I.e, your body.)  Obviously if you aren't hitting the heavy weights, all the yoga in the world is not the recipe for winning.  

However, any bodybuilder who does not at least investigate yoga is a damn fool because it trains the skills of competition better than any single body practice.

And that is why Silas is a bad-ass who gets his yoga pics Snooped.