We're snooping your pages.  We're creeping your posts.  We're sharing your stuff.
We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


Because a bodybuilder is a perfect cover boy for yoga.

Silas is an athlete in The Next Level's ranks we call "transitional."  It means he is not currently on a team, yet had works with a tam in the past and is anticipated to be on a team in the future.  We have those kinds of athletes from tim to time; neither fully on a team yet nor fully outside of the program.  

For the meanwhile, Silas just floats about our ranks.  Or perhaps the better word is "levitates."  You see, what brought Silas to the world of competitive bodybuilding and strength was (in a way) a passion for his entire adult life for the practice of yoga.  

Usually it's the other way around; usually an uptight and stiff bodybuilder will "try yoga" to gain some mobility.  This is on of those unique time where the flow went in the opposite direction, and the centered under of the body became the aggressive builder of same.

So what brings him to the Snoop?  Well, just as Silas has been oft oddly-placed in bodybuilding's ranks, he is once again oddly placed as the cover image for an article written in the local Massachusetts publication, Worcester Magazine, as the most descriptive image of yoga practitioner.

Whenever our people make press, we like to snoop it.  Even small press.  Even when they're barely mentioned at all in the article.  (But the picture is awesome, Silas.  Seriously.)