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Guys with a solid set of wheels: REJOICE!

The icons have it: shorts are meant to be short, not long.

I am not sure when it was deemed that men must portray the modesty with the leg of a Catholic school girl, but while sometimes too short is too much in men's shorts., those of us with a solid set of wheels are left out in the cold.  The tanktop and sleeveless shirt have found their publicly-accepted niche in fashion, and yet men's shorts continue to be worn at the lent of clam-diggers.

I have always posited what was told to me many years ago: "If they are making comments about your shorts, then them shorts is just too small.  But if they are commenting on your legs, well, then obviously them shorts are just the right shortness, indeed!"  Yet – regardless of my quad pride – when a dude with well-developed legs dares to flatter his look by baring himself above the knee, everything form  sexual identity to sense of social acceptance comes under public fire.  So much controversy over a few missing inches of fabric!

Willing to bet you don't have the balls to mock these dudes for their booty-booty fashion sense?  Yeah, we thought not.

Yet the Boston Globe feels for those of us who love squats.  They recently published in their Style section that short shorts are not only fashionable, but arguably more appropriate for men than long shorts!

At last!  Now we of the gifted thigh are not only deemed high fashion for revealing our hard work, but even applauded by those with heightened sense of fashion!   It's about damn time!  Too long have the chicken-legged and hamstring-neglecting biceps-boys been given a free pass on their imbalanced appearance.  It's about time those of us who where shorter shorts – a/k/a/, the "tanktop of the leg" – be given our knees' day in the sun!