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Seriously, some of the best work of Schwarzenegger's whole career.

Via this video of Arnold going "undercover" (sort of) at the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice, CA, the Snoop team has realized what the world of muscle culture has been lacking for a while:


(In fact, please post your favorite line in the comments below!)

The man's mouth is a muscle-meme factory. And this video has Arnold's satirical sarcasm in full form; we dare any gym-regular not to laugh out loud at least once.  Whether it was a real stunt or not, we are blessed with a new batch of remarkable one-off quotes from the aging Austrian bodybuilding hero.

The video was a publicity stunt for, a charity-funding site which promotes and funding of causes by getting celebs to donate time with fans.  Arnold apparently will ride with you in a tank if you donate  to his pet After School All-Stars after-school athletics charity.  (You also have to win a lottery on top of that donation, but either way, someone's in a tank with the Austrian Oak.)

Thank you, Arnold, for reminding us that too much of the bodybuilding media is so damn self-serious.  If you have muscles, find more ways to laugh at yourself and the ridiculous culture muscular pursuits has spawned.  Do so, and like Arnold, "you'll be back" for a long time.