We're snooping your pages.  We're creeping your posts.  We're sharing your stuff.
We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


No matter how athletic you are, this video will still out-cool you.

This was a random Snoop from our buddy, personal trainer Yovanny, who posted it and we immediately all felt like we are slovenly bastards.  

Whenever pure athleticism is presented, it is natural to feel awareness of your own shortcomings creep to the front of your mind.  However, when that athleticism is not only something cool, but something rare, well, it's a whole new level of "I'm nuthin' but a lil guy" vibe.  These guys hit it so well they make roller-skates – the cliché of tacky – somehow look like the answer to coolness-acquisition.

We had to Snoop this in the name of showing how athleticism and being fit can be employed for WAYYY better purposes than just being athletic and fit.