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Come for the lifting. Stay for the babies.


Okay, this one you'll love for the pictures and video alone.  Even if the topic doesn't grab you, man, the visuals sure will!!

We at the Snoop are KICKING ourselves for missing this one when it was first published on the excellent site,  Fortunately, it's a topic that is as old as man itself: baby-making and hard work, so even a late posting on The Snoop is still relevant.  We mean literally baby-making – it's a rare look into how pregnancy and heavy lifting are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

You heard right: PREGNANCY AND HEAVY LIFTING.  Gone are the days when women would faint away in Victorian style in some bedroom while "with child."  Now strength work is actually potentially a boon for expectant mothers.  Hey, our cavewoman ancestors had to work damn hard, and those babies went on to produce us, so we think there may be something in all this.

The article was written by our beloved Resource Gina Melnik (The Drive(n), PQA Resource, Ignite Fitness Coach) – the powerhouse national-level StrongMan competitor and founder of the incredible N.E.W.S., New England Women of Strength organization.  And that is her in the pictures and videos, while she was still pregnant with her daughter.

We told ya the pics were worth it!!!