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Planet Fatness: yes, discouragement really is a conspiracy, not just a theory.

Regardless of whether you go to the gym or not, this is a compelling report we Snooped,

Yes, Planet Fitness does NOT want you to go to the gym.  They don't want you even interested in health, wellness, development or anything related to betterment.  And it is not just an impression – IT IS AN ACTUAL STRATEGY.  Keeping you out of shape is how they get rich.  As long as you want improvement but are thwarted from getting it, they make money.

And while Planet Fitness is the easiest whipping-boy for this sort of vile ad unethical business strategy, it is not exclusive to their chain of fitness clubs.  This strategy – getting in the way of your betterment while encouraging you to crave it – is not only common practice, it is the majority practice out there.

hat's right people: your gym may actually strategize to keep you unhealthy, worn down, uninspired and sad just so they can make money.  

Before you say "but not my gym," think again.  This terrific piece of reporting from NPR's program Planet Money (an ironic titular overlap) discusses the insidious-yet-profitable strategies of Planet Fitness and similar chain gyms, and explains why they not only persist but in thrive while we get further and further set backwards.  

This report is not only compelling, but also important.  We love when something so big occurs in the gym world that it gets taken up by the world-at-large beyond the realm of physique and fitness.  This sort of "over the wall" reach is vital on so many levels.  It is frustrating, however, when it is a "bad" big thing, like this, that gets taken up.

Thanks to Art Golik (a friend of the next level and a darn impressive bodybuilder) for the tip-off.