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#OrlandoUnited tribute shows why athletics are relevant for the human spirit.

The merger of athletics, creativity and social responsibility is always amazing.  It is this epochal recipe that we see so often aspired to in the media, yet so rarely achieved due to misplaced motives.  

However, it seems that the Major League Soccer team Orlando City found this perfect mixture in a remarkable tribute to those listen the nation's largest mass murder on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando FL.  This report from ESPN covers it beautifully.

MLS is not the USA's favorite sporting league, but it seemed quite otherwise as the stadium was packed with fans and those wishing to remember the tragedy which happened just a week before the match. Tributes and symbols of remembrance were found throughout quite literally every minute of the game, and at the 49th of those minutes, the game simply stopped, stock-still, as the crowd hushed to a moment of silence for the 49 victims of the tragedy.  

Sports can be where we come together, where we find the courage toucher and root for each other's abilities, and where we can renew our spirits.  We are grateful Orlando City for using this power to help a city gradually find it's spirit again.