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Now you can win exercise more than hockey!

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Looks like CrossFit is selling out.  

Correction: looks like CrossFit is selling out again.

Former CrossFit Games big muckamuck Tony Budding is sending out press declaring his intentions to create The NPFL, National Professional Fitness League.  Basically, it is the CrossFit games with more flash and less sensibility.  (Because lord knows those events were already just BRIMMING with sensibility, right???)  Or rather, it's the CrossFit Games with more focus on selling than on fitness.  Which is basically, you know, the CrossFit corporate model as it already was anyway.

The twist, here, is that they want to turn CrossFit into a team-based sport.  While competition is individual, you belong to a team, advance with a team, and your team wins.  Now, as much as we at The Snoop tease CrossFit, we have to agree this is a smart idea.  We mainly agree because, well, Next Level has been approaching bodybuilding and strength from this team-based angle for the past decade.  (If only we had the money CrossFit has.  Investors, anyone?)

The goal is to "make the NPFL bigger than the NHL."  Which we at The Snoop thought sounded weird.  Is the NHL somehow a benchmark of professional sports entertainment success?  Why not the NBA?  or the MLB?  Why pick on hockey?  

Oh wait – hockey has tons of injuries.  Maybe the comparison is apropos after all.  (Cue: drum snare.)

Now guys who want to be hard-asses and act like training shirtless to impress chicks is somehow different than bodybuilding can get pro status for being able to jump 50 times and then run around.  Which is cool for those CF aficionados, but seems like yet another thinly-veiled attempt to milk yet more money out of the fitness industry by borrowing a model from the "sports entertainment" industry.  

Not sure who this is the bigger win for, the fitness industry or the CrossFit Games.  But one thing is for sure: whoever makes the most money off this, it's you guys who are paying the bill.