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So, you like food? Well, not as much as Peru does.

Let us start by saying: WE GOT TO STOP MONSANTO!
Second, you should know that the much tinier, poorer country of Peru already did.

Test tubes are NOT where food comes from, kiddies.

Test tubes are NOT where food comes from, kiddies.

It's certain that the vast majority of you are saying "Who – or WHAT – is Monsanto??" Which is frightening when you consider one of the most massive – and possibly single most powerful – corporation in the USA is also somehow is barely known by the majority of the nation's citizens.

In short, Monsanto is a company who wishes to control the food.  ALL the food.  Like tyrants of old, they want to control what – and even whether or not – we eat.  

Getting nervous yet?

Now, I know if you're reading the Snoop, you probably like to eat.  And in fact, you may actually put a lot of thought into it.  So I imagine food choice is probably important.  Monsanto is directly opposed to your actions; they want to not only choose for you, but limit what information you have to make those choices.  

Do we have you now?

How do they do this?  Well, three ways.  First, through a system of engineering and political buy-outs they control the farms and food distribution.  Second, they use their mighty profits to keep the government doing what they want – not the other way around.  And last, they use their intelligence to stay as hidden from you as possible.

This third thing they are REALLY good at.  

And this week they "bought" themselves more protection by the government.  The Monsanto Protection Act was passed by the Senate, and if not veto'ed by the President, will basically put your tax dollars hard to work making sure that Monsanto can not be prosecuted if they break farming and food production laws.  You heard that right: a law that protects one company from having to obey the law.  And you're paying for it!

Peruvians kicked some major Corporate ass.

Peruvians kicked some major Corporate ass.

Now, many cynics will say: "This is America!  There's no way to beat Big Corporation!" Well Peru – a far less resourced nation than our own – recently banned the crap out of Monsanto in their own farmlands.  The Peruvians control their own domestic food.  Shouldn't we?

Please learn about Monsanto, and please take action.  You like to eat, right?  Well let's do so democratically.