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Cheap fish protein vs. "oily anal leakage"

Normally at The Snoop we don't love the paranoia mongering of the typical media food industry reports.  However, a recent report by The Atlantic about mislabeled tuna involves . . . well, it involves "oily anal leakage," so naturally we grabbed right on to it.

Surprise!  It's not tuna at all!

Surprise!  It's not tuna at all!

Politics aside (if you can even put aside the creepy implications of mislabeled food), this is one of those protein stories that athletes and lifters and bodybuilders need jammed down their skulls, not to mention the fad "healthy eaters" who just think anything other than a hot dog is "healthy protein."  It's one thing for a label to be a little off, but the findings here were on the shocking order of a tuna fish spit-take.  

The money shot comes from what was being called tuna and labeled and sold as such.  Escolar will give you the runs – hardly a health boon – and is the white fish which tons of fish in markets and restaurants are actually serving up.   

I couldn't point out escolar if it came up and bit me.  However, I have a feeling we have all "felt" escolar leaving us from time to time.