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No, you don't quite understand: this   IS   a good picture of him.

No, you don't quite understand: this IS a good picture of him.

Steroid-loving trash-actor Mickey Rourke is a freak among freaks.  And he has a soft spot for bodybuilders (and also apparently for HGH – but as far as Hollywood is concerned, there's no real difference between bodybuilding and image-building . . . to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to . . . )

Anyway, there's a new "documentary" being released come this September 2013 which follows 7 IFBB pros as they prepare for the Mr. Olympia.  It touts them as "the best bodybuilders in the world."  Yet, as we all know, there is no one, single "global authority" on bodybuilding, so we sensible types will settle for "the most lauded bodybuilders in the IFBB," which is the "most self-grandizing and media-dominant bodybuilding league in the world." (We are nothing at the Snoop if not accurate.)

Mr. Rourke was cast as narrator for the project, which is simultaneously a no-brainer as well as delicious real-life satire – of bodybuilding, of glam documentaries, and of Mickey Rourke himself.

You got to stretch high-brow to catch the low-brow humor in bodybuilding.  And while we would ll probably want to see the 100 minute-or-so advertising for the Weider Corporation wrapped in a documentary, this makes it all the more ridiculously cool.