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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


Massy Liftmas Tree

Go get huge for the baby Jesus!!!

The feeds of the Collaborative blow up on the holidays with posts about who went to the gym, who made it to the gym, and people working out at the gym.  There are also a lot of posts about people going to the gym, and then there's the posts about getting to the gym.  Oh, and don't forget the posts about people working out.

Any pattern evident?  Nah.

But amidst the glut of self-congratulations (for what really is something everyone really already figured was going on anyway among lifters), there emerges one gym post above them all, like a gleaming angel of satire and joy amidst the repetitive gym-holiday malaise.

Matt LeBlanc brought some yule cheer to his Christmas Day workout by decorating the gym.  It gave us all a laugh while breaking up the monotony.  Ho, ho, ho, indeed!

A Massy Liftmas to all, and to all a good lift!