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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


Every bro who loves sports of any kind needs to see this one. #MoreThanMean

This Snoop may be hard for women and men to watch.  But for entirely different reasons.

You see, there's a word for men who use gender slams to emphasize their frustration, anger or disagreement.  That word is "coward."

No wait, make that a whole phrase: "scumbag, lowlife coward."

And when that type of person gets behind their cowardly wall of the internet, they ironically reveal their vile nature in spite of trying to hide their identity. 

The community of The Next Level and it's larger PhysiQulture Collaborative works very hard to remove stigma rounding ideas of "who belongs" in strength and physique sports.  And that concept extends to all sports in general.  

Honoring gender differences means showing enthusiasm for the cool ideas around being a man, and the cool ideas of being a woman, and approaching their consternating overlaps with curiosity and learning, not with fear and frustration.  

This video released by reveals to us the ugly truth about how men try to use gender to belittle and even threaten women who are merely doing their job in an arena they love. "Regular" men who are sports fans read compiled Tweets from fans who are angry at women sports reporters.  The darkness of these comments is chilling.  Not only because of the horrible sentiments, but because the anger expressed seems just all too familiar.

There is no real point to making the competitive arenas of sports nasty and personally volatile, regardless of the gender of the participants.  Adding this cruelty is only a distraction to the point of competition to begin with.  Yet in the case of gendered cruelty, it takes on a far darker and even frightening tone.  

We are grateful to for promoting the hashtag #MoreThanMean, meant to be used to help people flag online harassment and cruelty, specifically towards women but most certainly in general.

Being strongly identified with a gender, a pursuit or a passion should not mean being cruel to any other.