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Is that your butt winking at me?

It is important to look for, but even in that, it looks   nothing   like a "wink."

It is important to look for, but even in that, it looks nothing like a "wink."

A lot of big strong guys like to brag about their squat depth.  Yet those of us who are in it for development and not just bragging fodder know that a "good" squat is one that helps you grow, not just one you can brag about afterwards.  

Our good buddy Matt LeBlanc recently posted a terrific short overview of a common disadvantage in "deep squatting."  Now, we wish the article was better cited, and also hat the author was credited, but regardless of those errors it is otherwise a terrific little piece.

What makes this one especially good is that it does what any training overview should do: get right to the point stating an issue (in this case, lower-back rounding while squatting), state why it's an issue, how to spot it and ideas on how to make adjustments to correct it.  Perfecto!

Now, we often tease CrossFit on The Snoop, but mainly the brand, not necessarily every individual in the community.  Just because the "cult of CF" has a lot of flaws in how it occasionally misleads intention, it is not saying that everyone who deals in CrossFit products is a self-righteous, time-shouting, scattered-form training douche.  And this difference was delightfully illustrated in the article, which emerged from a CrossFit gym out of Scottsdale, AZ. 

The only thing is that term "butt wink."  Really?  "Butt wink?" it neither accurately describes what they are talking about, nor is pleasant to use as a nemonic reminder.  

I guess you can't have it all, even when you get it good.