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This was Snooped over to us from one of our amazing artist friends.  (Hi, Brendan!)  And while it is an excerpt from talk radio personality Ira Glass about how to persevere in a creative capacity, we at The next Level would STRONGLY argue that this advice also profoundly applies to strength athletes and bodybuilders.

Strength sports and bodybuilding – when pursued to a competitive degree – are hugely creative. Not always artistic, and certainly not always imaginative, but those are not the only measures of "creativity."  The ability to solve problems, improvise methods and expand one's vision is deeply creative work, and the domain of those who push their efforts beyond the more common "exercise model" of training.

This one minute will remind you of how important perseverance is to making your work exceptional and satisfying.  And it will also certainly remind you that every great success you've achieved is not yet the measure of your greatest.

Keep persevering.  Don't sweat the crap.  Listen to Ira.

Now, go be great!