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We have no idea WTF is going on here, but we love it!

It is widely known within bodybuilding circles that "better" media is not necessarily the same thing as "helpful" media.  The bodybuilders are secretly campy and self-effacing; theirs is a media stream quite separate from the fitness "industry."  They are in it for the entertainment, not the education.  In fact, usually what makes a video "awesome" in the eyes of bodybuilders is based more in how mind-numbingly ridonkulous it is, rather than by how mind-enhancingly useful.

With his, we give you Kali Muscle.  This guy has thrown away any semblance of dignity in exchange for pure pulp self-satire.  (And we say that in a good way.)  The man is clearly a genius.  He only produces throwaway trash culture, but he is genius nonetheless.

And recently one of his videos has been traveling around the Snoop's circles.  Supposedly "hyphy food" is what prison inmates eat to maintain high muscle mass.  Hyphy honest to god looks like underdigested shit, the recipe sounds nauseating, and we have no idea if the claim of prison muscle-food is even remotely accurate.  But that is not the point.  The presentation is a sublime and ridiculous satire of all things bodybuilding; it hits a perfect crescendo of appreciation for the idiotic.  

We have no idea what the fuck is going on in this video, but we know we love it.