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Water is important for weightlifting and bodybuilding success.
It's also pretty crucial for dieting success.
In fact, let's be real: it is a must for any athletic endeavor.
And actually it is crucial for anything that has to do with any aspect of all life whatsoever.

So, thank the gods of physical fitness that water is totally free.

Oh wait a second . . . I said "free."  Scratch that.  because, if the head sociopath corporate greedmonger over at Nestlé Foods has his way, the stuff that falls liberally from our skies would all have a price tag.  

That's right, this hugely powerful man has stepped forward to say that water should not be free for humans at all, and every last one of us should be paying money for water, in spite of the fact that it is so plentiful it can enter our bodies literally by accident.

Sound messed up?  It's totally true: just check out the video.  This guy really thinks no water should ever be free.  

And the scariest part is that he has enough money and power to tip political scales.  His company is bigger than many major cities, and he has more money than Oprah holding a winning Powerball lottery ticket.  This guy can literally buy his way if he wanted to.

(Feel free to start vomiting out of sheer horror right now.)

This was snooped off of Next Level athlete Corey Bruckler, whose bodybuilding and Strongman contest prep obliges him to keep a watchful eye on the ridiculousness of the food industry.  He is like our own musclebound atrocity watchdog.  Thanks Corey.