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Greg Corso, friend of The Next level, gets some big press

Realistic fitness is one of Greg's foundations.

Realistic fitness is one of Greg's foundations.

The Next Level has had a lot of allies and friends over the past decade of it's work.  Some folks contribute and become Resources for athletes.  Others just send positive vibes of support.  And the most common way our circle of benevolence grows is via the plethora of gyms and facilities into which The Next Level teams have worked and been welcomed.

For almost four years, The Next Level operated out of an (amazing) local Boston gym named Revolution.  "Rev" is now closed (sadly), and has been for a few years, but the folks who worked and trained there all continue to share a warm professional affinity for each other.  Rev was a place where unique and compelling solutions took place, and so unique and compelling people provided services there.  And few were quite as unique and compelling as Greg Corso.

Greg is a wry and sardonic guy with a very peaceful and realistic take on training and exercise.  He hates fads, but loves togetherness; he espouses hard work yet believes in moderation.  He is insightful without being "know-it-all-ey," and he is confident without being aggressive.  All in all, he is a great guy.  And since Rev closed, Greg has continued to make huge strides in how own Florida business.

Yeah, that would be Greg.

Yeah, that would be Greg.

And so we at The Snoop were psyched when we saw that Greg was featured in the popular men's magazine, Details.  He was listed among the Top Personal Trainers To Watch in 2014; and for the ever-independent Corso, this is no small endorsement!  it's nice to see the guys who make their own way get recognized for their value and hard work, rather than those who leech off of corporate identities to gain their launch.  

So we congratulate Greg for rising to the spotlight on a national scale.  We always knew he would grow big, so it's nice to see a national media spotlight shine on the terrific trainer who was friends with us in The Next Level.  

Congratulations Greg!  Keep going!