We're snooping your pages.  We're creeping your posts.  We're sharing your stuff.
We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


Give a little love. Get a little love.

Sometimes the Snoop is deep within the world of strength and aesthetic sports, and other times it is high above in the clouds of philosophy.  Today is one of those latter days.

The Third Law all athletes agree to when joining Next Level is "Pay it forward."  There is value in all gifts and all accomplishments.  This value has worth. So if we commit to paying an equal value – even if that payment looks different than how we received it – then our work would have meant something in the world.

Well, today, The Next Level was asked (again) to "pay forward."  So we Snooped our own message from our good friend, Next Level alumnus Peter Munoz-Bennett (The Drive(n))>  He simply suggested that we "pay it forward," and he left us this inspiring video.

And so, we're doing just that.

Remember the Third Law.  Use all you've been given and pay forward!