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Blonde Bomber Dave Draper on the Monkees

It's Friday.  It's summertime.  So no heavy snoops today.  Instead, we came across (by accident, if you can believe that) a classic episode of The Monkees which guest-starred a young Dave Draper.  The Blond Bomber wasn't cut out for comedy, but let's just say his prize-winning physique gets lots of ridiculous airtime.

It's also interesting toi see how little has changed about the "fitness industry" in the past 50 years.  Just as with today, looks like it was pretty common to have trainers who "win" their clients through intimidation.  How little things have changed.  

Besides, it's the Monkees; what's not to like?

Bonus: The episode's name is "Physique Culture."  Sound familiar . . . ? PhysiQulture . . . ? Oh, skip it – just have a laugh.