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Dom explains WoDs.

One of the most important voices emanating from the physique & strength sports worlds is neither a trainer, nor a PhD., nor a coach.  it is a satirist.  And that voice is unmistakable.

For the past few years, Dom Mazetti (a creation of the comedy duo "Mike & Gian") has become a YouTube staple among the gym-going set.  His lampooning of "gym bros" is both nuanced and detailed enough for the lifting-devout to pick up on subtleties, yet satirical enough to be accessibly funny to those who have never set foot in a gym in their life.  This is American satire at it's finest.  Mazetti delivers belly laughs with a stark error of truth towards the foibles, frailties and foolishness of physique sports enthusiasts.

His latest creation is one of those "coulda seen it coming" topics: CrossFit.  Dom explains what CrossFit "is" in a way that sends up both the minion CrossFit haters as well as the creepy CrossFit devotees.  This is why it is great satire: neither side comes out unpunished!

But this is the serious analysis!  We Snooped off next level athlete Chris McGann (Spring 2014 team) who first posted Dom's later video.  Thanks Chris!