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And now: a bunch of diet history charts to freak you out. (Thanks, Seth.)

Seth Carbonneau Snooped this compelling article with a series of charts that show trends in human diet as compared to health trends.  In Seth's own words (which make for a perfect introduction):


I saw someone post this article and I was immediately about to condemn it for two reasons:

1. It's in a business journal; and

2. It is represented by a picture of eggs and bacon.

I was completely wrong.

I am a huge proponent of a whole food, local-as-possible, high-protein, high-fat and high-vegetable diet. This article reports the trends of food consumption, nutritional value, and human health over the past 30-300 years.

While correlation does not imply causation, these trends are significant and seem to show that there is a direct correlation between changes in diet and nutritional value of food to negative changes in human health.

This is enough for me to feel good about eating four or more local, omega 3 eggs with yoke (plus another 4 without yoke for the protein) with spinach and bacon for breakfast and 85% ground grass-fed beef with dandelion greens cooked in coconut oil for dinner!

(Disclaimer: I eat plenty of carbohydrates, including sugar, but they are timed around periods of intense strength and conditioning training)