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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


CrossFit Northeast

Yeah, we like to poke fun at "CrossTwits" on the Snoop, but it's all in fun (and maybe occasionally out of a bit of jealousy).  I mean, are the CrossFit Games a sport totally made-up by a company?  Of course!  But then again, so is bodybuilding, so we're all fair game, right?  Either way, at the higher levels of the Games there is no doubt there are many a bad-ass to be found.  Like, WAY many bad-asses.

Plugging CF-Woburn.  You're welcome.

Plugging CF-Woburn.  You're welcome.

So recently, when a buddy of the PhysiQademy (a one Mr. Dan Larson, who trains avidly at CrossFit Woburn) reminded us recently that the Northeast CrossFit games are today, we had to snoop it.  After all, the Next level lives here in the Northeast, and the Snoop is about all the cool stuff happening in and around us.  

Meanwhile it is not a small number of friends, buddies, contributors and allies of and to the PhysiQademy and Next Level whom are no doubt at the Games – with even a few competing.  How could we let this day go by without shouting out some good luck and admiration to these warriors of fitness training?!  'T'would be sacrilege, we say!

Go kick ass, friends.  And congratulations on your work.

(But don't expect us to stop teasing you any time soon.