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The only thing worse than misogyny, rape and violence is creatine.

Creatine will make you insane enough to murder in cold blood.  At least according to the crack reporting of the online tabloid, The Mirror.  The shitfest of an online "news" report claimed that a friend of killer Elliot Roger "noticed a sinister change in him after he started to take creatine."

This is journalism?  (Photo from The Mirror.  Link withheld under ethical protest.)

This is journalism?  (Photo from The Mirror.  Link withheld under ethical protest.)

This offensive-to-no-end report is not just the best scapegoat yet to avoid facing the reality of the twisted gender ideals society upholds, which play a huge factor in the behaviors of the otherwise deranged.  (Tell a crazy women are to blame, and guess what that crazy's gonna do, right?)  This is also the most hilarious takedown of sports supplements yet.  "It wasn't his mental state that drove him to atrocity.  It was the amino acids."  

Creatine drove a man to commit murder.  


Every once in a while the gods of Comedy In Sports Supplements (which are among the measliest of gods up there) grant us all with a gem that needs no write up, no take down and no sideways glance.  The idea that creation is the root of a crime this horrific – the fact that anyone could even suggest this – is not only nauseatingly derisive and cruel to the survivors of the victims, disrespectful to athletes and the industry they work with, it is also just plain hilariously idiotic.  

(Wait – did we just defend the supplement industry?  We better check our stevia levels; it could be making us crazy!)

We Snooped this today and were shocked.  But you're probably already wondering: "Hey, Snoops! Why haven't you provided us a link to the news story?"  Well this was debated back and forth; to provide a link backs up what we are saying, but it also provides traffic to The Mirror.  We kinda don't think they deserve that help.  Their sponsors and their staff should be ashamed, not rewarded with extra clicks.  So if you want to find it, just Google "California Shooting: British serial killer Elliot Rodger was hooks on bodybuilding supplement pills." If you help the Mirror with traffic, that's on you.  Maybe we're acting extra prudent, but can you blame us.  We just started using vitamin C pills.  KOO KOO BANANAS!