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And here all along you thought you were in control of your body . . . . and you were apparently full of crap.

Dear god in heaven and all that's good on this Earth, is Stamford University BORED or something?   Did we run out of cancers to cure?  Have we ended all the wars?  What compelled them to study how we poop in modern society?  How the hell did this kind of research come down the chute??  (Get it?)
DISCLAIMER: This post may or may not stink with poop jokes.  You have been warned.  And they may be "corny."
The article tries to digest the problem and plops down the idea that our modern toilets actually cause progressive harm because we're sitting to shit.  Let me dump a SPOILER: we're supposed to be squatting when we make #2.  That was how the system was designed, and that is the best way to drop the kids off at the pool.  
This is yet another smear of thinking in the pile of work being done on how our technology is working against us as a species.  We evolved one way, and in the efforts for technologically-derived comfort, we have created a new slew of problems which cause just as much cramping as the old ones.  

At first we thought this article was a satire, but soon realized it was real.  WARNING: it offers some of the crappiest visuals you can find in a "helpful" article.  We still can't wipe away their grossness.   

Even if you don't change how you dump, this one is still a gas.