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Maybe NOW you'll start paying attention to the bees . . .


Here's another chiller for anyone who likes decent food – which I am assuming is anyone who is athletic and promotes responsible health.

This time it involves the bees.  Why should anyone give a crap about bees?  Well, considering nobody gets to eat anything unless bees do their work, it's damn important.  Science has not yet found a way to do the work of bees at the speed, efficiency and precision which they perform.  Obviously, we're all up shit's creek if the bee populations collapse.   Without healthy bees you can kiss your carb sources goodbye, your healthy vegetables sayonara and your protein adieu.

And at the center of it is who else? Corporate mega-villain Monsanto, whose "pesticides" also impact bee populations dangerously.  But who cares – they're making a buck, right?

But there is a super-scary twist to this round of nasty.  Seems Russia wants nothing to do with Monsanto or it's evil twin Syngenta because of the global impact these companies have on bee population collapse.  Basically, Monsanto and Syngenta are causing food production crisis while making money off food dispersal monopolies, and now their inhuman tactics threaten Europe and Asia's food production.

No wonder Russia is pissed.  Can you blame them? These companies are, quite literally, taking food from their mouths.

But here's the kick in the proverbials: Russia wanted to discuss this rationally and yet Mr. Obama refuses to cooperate!  Bad move with a nuclear power, Mr. President.

Please read this link and stay informed.  We must keep the bees safe if we plan on eating well.