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The faces of a Coaching: Holly Mackenzie

We love looking at pictures of folks kicking ass with their bodies.  Majestic imagery of bodybuilders creating visual poetry, super jocks with laser focus, strength competitors baffling our expectations with feats of impossible power; these all compel and inspire us.

But buried in the edges and corners are the visions that are a lot less majestic – heck, they are downright awkward, ragtag and clumsy most of the time – but they are the no less exciting.  It's the faces of the coaches.  

At the recent Maine StrongMan 6 in Augusta ME, friend to the PhysiQademy Holly Mackenzie was coaching with SO much passion that often she got lost in the work of her athletes almost more than her own work.  Her patience, attentiveness and enthusiasm pulled several competitors through a grueling day of incredible work.  

Hers is the face of a leader.  Quirky, focused and not there to be majestic; just there to be valiant and generous.

Awesome work, Holly.  Keep inspiring.