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Cav switches up squat form.

Recently Cav (Mike Cavaliere, The Drive(n), Summer '09)  dropped a post on his Facebook page about switching up his squat form.  Always good to see bodybuilders focused on the training as much as the result.  
In Cav's own words:

I have recently switched to more of a higher-placement of the bar on my squat in order to focus more on quad strength and control.

My squat has always lagged compared to other lifts, so I recently switched to squatting 3 times a week in order to get my form down, as well as change things up a bit.

Normally, my reps and volume remain low but I decided to do sets of 7 to see how my muscular endurance is.

While there is more form work that needs to be done via mobility work, I am satisfied with how this set went. I felt that I had good control and overall the form wasn’t terrible.

I will definitely carry on with these ideas while I continue to loosen up my muscular range in order to get lower down in the squat while staying tight to the form.

Mike wanted to make sure we quoted him in his entirety, too, and thus we add here his final insight: 

Also: dat ass.

Cav is not only a former Next Level team athlete and a competitive bodybuilder and lifter.  He is also a Sports Physical Therapist and has worked in gym management and training since he was still a student.  Intelligent and friendly, Mike welcomes any and all input, questions, inquiries and comments on this or any topic.   Email him at:  (Flatter his butt and he'll treat your email with more urgency.)