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Justin Bieber is pop culture's first competitive bodybuilder (?!)

The caption read: "Justin Bieber's muscles may be inspiring teenage boys to overdo it in the gym."  

No.  No, they're not.  

Not at all.

Now, we already know that this ridiculous newspaper clipping (we snooped and snooped but couldn't find where the article was originally published – any help would be awesome!) has already made a million rounds among the muscle culture set, but the level of absurdity deemed it worthwhile to repost (for the gazillionth time) when we saw it posted on the feed of colleague bodybuilder Chris Pantano (Build Your Destiny).

If he was such an avid lifter, we'd imagine all the squats he does would prevent is pants from sliding down in the back . . . . 

We don't try to be original at The Snoop – our only agenda is to represent what the athletes within the PhysiQademy, The Next Level and the PhysiQulture Collaborative may be chatting about – but we do at least try not to jump on bandwagons for stuff you probably see everywhere else.

But in this particular case, well . . . let's just say there is no amount of mockery which could be considered "too much" to sling at this ridiculous, unfounded and laughable claim.

To throw an overused lifting meme out there: "Bieber – do you even LIFT, bro?"